Why We Use Glass Packaging

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Something that I’m often asked in store is ‘why on earth did you change the packaging to glass? It’s so heavy!’. Quite simply, glass is always recyclable.


Yes, glass makes the product heavier and is sometimes more expensive, but, unlike plastic, glass can be recycled over and over again. As a brand, I feel it is important for us to contribute to the ‘war on waste’ by at least giving our customers the opportunity to dispose of their empty bottles and jars mindfully.


Unfortunately, I have also realised that glass isn’t the most ideal choice for all of our products (travel sizes, baby products and shower products). The bottle closures and lids of our glass packaging is also plastic, but I’m happy to report that these are recyclable too!


To recycle your packaging, simply rinse them out with hot soapy water and pop it in with the rest of your recycling!


- Elliza

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