Pure Purse: Rewards for Buying More of the Things You Love!

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Earlier this year, I decided it was time to give back to you, our customers. So I started work on a program, albeit without a name, that would be easy to use and earn with. If I’m honest, the names I was coming up with were pretty bland, so, since it was for you, I opened it up to you guys to name with a social media competition. We had some fun with it and had some fabulous entries, and Pure Purse was created.


How it works:

When you sign up to Pure Purse, you automatically earn 100 points, you can earn another 100 just by following us on Instagram and another 150 for your birthday! (Make sure you go and enter your birth date in the birthday section of your Pure Purse*). Obviously, when you spend you earn points too; for every $1 you spend, you earn 5 points! You can also earn another 100 points by referring a friend (this only comes through if they spend over $25 though, but this can include shipping**).


Once you’ve earned some points, discounts will open up:

500 points = $5 discount

1000 = $10 discount

2500 = $25 discount

You can choose whether you want to save your points up or whether you ‘spend’ them. Your points won’t expire either! (unless you’re consistently inactive on your account for 12+ months).


It’s a simple, easy to use system and totally free to join! I’m also working on some new rewards, so get excited for that!


I’m always looking for ways to improve your experience with us and I’m working on something I think you’ll love! But if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know! I’d love to have your feedback.


- Elliza




*Happy Birthday from us!

To receive your birthday points; set up your account following the prompts, then once logged in successfully, go to ‘Earn Rewards’ then into the ‘Earn Points’ tab. Here, you’ll see all the ways you can earn points, scroll down to ‘Happy Birthday’ and click on it, a date form will pop up, input your birth date and hit save! Now 150 points will automatically be awarded to your account for your birthday!


**Referring a friend

To refer a friend, set up your account following the prompts, then log in. Go to ‘Earn Rewards’ and then into ‘Refer Friends’ then select how you would prefer to share your referral code; Twitter, Messenger, Facebook or Email. Once you select an option, you just follow the prompts. They will receive a link and an exclusive first-time discount, and if they spend $25 (including shipping and after discount), you will receive 100 points! The reason for this is because our program only recognises a referral when the friend spends this amount. Good news though, the codes don’t expire! So even if it takes them a while to get around to it, you will still benefit!

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