Body Butter - Your Winter Saviour!

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Of course I love our body butter, I think it’s the absolute best! But there are several reasons for this other than smelling heavenly. But let me tell you why (other than smelling heavenly). 


Pureheaven body butters are an incredibly rich formula containing high proportions of cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil, and have significantly reduced water content.  Some people knock the idea of any water in formulations, but, it does have a purpose and doesn’t necessarily ‘water down’ a recipe; it enables absorption. Water, combined with glycerine (which is also in body butter) enable fast absorption and retention of the glorious oils and extracts in body butter. You can definitely tell that our body butters have reduced water content because they do leave some residue on the skin and take a little while to absorb, however, they have been designed for intense moisturising. And a little goes a long way!


Pureheaven body butters work best when you warm them in your hands first! This is because they contain high percentages of butters (cocoa and shea mentioned above). This will make the formula feel a little less stiff and a little more oily. Then apply it long smooth strokes, massaging as you go to assist with the absorption of active ingredients.


I’m also proud to say that our body butters are all cruelty free certified and three out of the four are naturally vegan (obviously Manuka Honey is not, but I still love it!).


I definitely recommend using body butter before bed throughout winter to maintain gorgeous, hydrated skin. The only problem? Picking which one!




PS: Using the body scrub before you put this on will yield AMAZING results! xo

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