Our Story

Welcome to Pureheaven!

Here, we're excited to provide cruelty free, naturally vegan skincare. Our soaps, cleansers and bath products are free from nasties including parabens and sulphates, making them suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Although we may have started small, Pureheaven has always been passionate about providing natural, cruelty free skincare. 

  • 1996: Small Beginnings - Pureheaven was established on a property in Northern NSW 
  • 1998: On The Road - Pureheaven relocates to Stanthorpe, QLD 
  • 2001: Open for Business - Pureheaven's first store opened 
  • 2017: Committing to Our Future - Introduced small batch production to reduce footprint: minimising waste, maximising freshness 
  • 2018: We Love Animals Too! - Pureheaven obtains Choose Cruelty Free Certification 
  • 2019: Naturally Vegan: Pureheaven becomes Vegan Australia Certified for over 60% of our skincare range