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It’s been a little while since my last post! But that’s because the Pureheaven team have been working extremely hard to bring you some new things! Some of our new products have already been released (lip scrub, body spray and face oil) but there are some more still to come.


The products you haven’t met yet will be out WELL before Christmas (which actually means they can’t be too far away!). So what can you expect to see/hear about from us in the not too distant future?


Since you loved our Pink Clay & Charcoal Mud Cleanser, I’m very pleased to let you know that it is about to have a little friend; Pink Clay & Charcoal Mud MASK! This is something I’ve been working on for quite a while now and it’s taken this long to get it just right. I think you’ll LOVE it! It’ll be the perfect weekly addition to your skincare routine! It’s smooth, gentle, easy to remove and does its job beautifully. Also, if you’re not one who wants to leave it on until it cracks, you don’t have to to reap the benefits; it’ll be full of other goodies to offer a deep cleanse and intense nourishment without needing to fully set.


There’s also whispers in my team of an intense hydrating and nourishment mask… it might be green and full of super food goodness. That’s about all I can reveal for this one at the moment, but get excited! It’s moving through our test phases quickly!


As well as new products, we’ve also decided to give some of our lines a bit of a revamp. You may have noticed our baby products slipping away from our shelves, but they’ll be back before you know it and better than ever! Cocobutt is our brand new nappy balm formula. We’ve made it less sticky and more luxurious to make it even better for little butts. This formula will still create a physical barrier but also absorb quite nicely to leave their skin smooooooth as a… well, as smooth as they should be. Our baby lotion will also have a sleek new look and be available in a bigger bottle (insert cheering emoji). It will be back on the shelf next week in a 200g white plastic bottle - we were a bit worried that little hands would like to grab the glass bottles and maybe cause injury (to themselves or mum)! The plastic bottles are still 100% recyclable though! There will also be a new member to our baby fam; a baby powder! It will be a similar base formula to our body powders but with a more suitable, subtle fragrance.


Bath bombs will be back in time for Christmas in NINE BRAND NEW fragrances with a brand new look! I’m pretty excited about these so you’ll probably be seeing them in your news feeds very soon!


Well that’s everything that’s new. If you haven’t already, go and check out our new lip scrubs, perfumed body sprays, and our new favourite, Goodness Me! Facial Oil!  I’ll get you better acquainted with these later!


Keep an eye out for our new products! Can’t wait to share them with you <3

- Elliza

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  • Amanda Smart on

    Hi Elliza
    I have 2 nieces, aged 10 & 12, who care for their skin, but I would love to be able to give them a skin care pack appropriate for their age, to establish a great routine for the future. Have you thought about coming up with a gentle pack, or perhaps (even better) can recommend some products that you already have?
    Cheers Amanda Smart

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