In a craft like soaping, sometimes things happen that cause a batch to turn out not as everyone knows it. These can be caused because we're still refining a recipe, training new staff, working with a slightly different variation of essential oil, decide to alter a recipe, or even because of some weather conditions. 

The most common result is soap 'ceasing up'. This typically means that the soap starts to cure quicker than the soap maker is ready for (making it hard to get into moulds or finish combining) and/or heats to extreme temperatures causing cracking or holes in a loaf of soap.

Basically though, this soap is still, well, soapy, it's just not as pretty as we've intended to make it like our usual ones. 

Shopping our 'on sale' collection is a great way to try new fragrances or cure your curiosity about a new soap at a majorly discounted rate AND it helps us reduce our waste! Even more, you help us to support teaching ourselves and others about a beautiful craft. 

Guess what else?! We'd love your feedback on any of the soap you buy on sale - like we said, usually they're still being refined, altered or we're trying something new (ingredient or technique). Your feedback on the product beyond the look of is (e.g. fragrance, colour scheme etc.) can be very helpful in pointing us in the right direction! Please keep in mind that we are aware they're not always 'pretty', this is the result of a mistake, and sometimes the feel of the soap can lack consistency due to the way the soap has ceased when blending, feedback beyond these points though is very welcome 💚