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✔️ Natural

✔️ Handcrafted (sometimes imperfectly perfect)

✔️ Australian made + owned

✔️ Excellent for troubled skin

✔️ Perfect for daily use!

Depending on how long you’ve known Pureheaven, you might remember our original Charcoal & Sea Salt Soap… Well, now I introduce to you, Charcoal, Aloe & Orange! The younger, smarter, and more good looking brother/sister of our old friend. This bar has been especially formulated for troubled skin with a very special blend of Australian virgin hemp seed oil, organic wheatgerm oil, locally grown (and pressed) olive oil and aloe vera juice. It also features activated charcoal, kaolin clay, turmeric and a special blend of cinnamon and orange oils which help to draw out toxins and calm the skin 👌🏻

Added bonus/fun fact: This bar doesn’t lather the same as our other soaps even though it’s the same percentage of oils. This is because these oils are high in omegas and the fats don’t support a good lather. BUT! It still does an excellent job at cleansing your skin and is significantly less harsh for this reason! 

If you would like some more info on the ingredients, scroll down! Otherwise, the essential things to know: Cruelty Free, Vegan Australia Certified and Family Safe! 120g(ish) bar

How to use? This one is one for the sink (not the pool room) - ideal for standard edition hand washing with all those goodies! That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t use it in the shower - go for gold (or green)! Lather up in wet hands, or a washcloth/loofah/body brush, work in a circular motion, or follow the hands washing poster (thanks COVID) above the sink, then rinse off! 

ONE MORE THING: To ensure you look after your Charcoal, Aloe & Orange bar as well as it’s looking after you (and make sure it lasts longer), use a soap dish that will allow the bar to drain and dry underneath. 


Ingredients: 100% Saponified water, aloe vera juice, certified organic shea butter, wheatgerm oil, Australian hemp seed oil, castor oil, certified organic mango butter, Australian olive oil, kaolin clay, activated charcoal, turmeric, pure essential oils of cinnamon leaf and sweet orange, fragrance oil of cucumber