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✔️ Natural

✔️ Handcrafted (sometimes imperfectly perfect)

✔️ Australian made + owned

✔️ Smells amazing!

✔️ Perfect for daily use!


English Rose is a best seller, probably because it smells like fresh roses with a *hint* of light patchouli for a modern (or just an ‘Elle’)  twist. But also, it’s a delicious combination of shea butter, rosehip oil, Bulgarian rosewater, and locally grown (and pressed) olive oil! Amazingly smooth and skin loving! For daily use, or even a facial cleansing bar? Perfect! 👌🏻


Added bonus/fun fact: Australian pastel pink clay is a gorgeous colour, but also will offer a little bit of exfoliating action and a big bit of encouraging blood flow action!


If you want some more info on the ingredients, scroll down! But otherwise, the need to know is: Cruelty Free, Vegan Australia Certified, smells delicious, and is Family Safe! 120g(ish) bar


How to use? Just like all the other soap; work into a lather with wet hands or a wash cloth/loufer/brush/silcone brush thing, work over your body in a circular motion to cleanse your skin and rinse off (warm water or not 🤷🏼‍♀️). 


ONE MORE THING: to make sure your soap lasts longer (in the shower), use a soap dish the will allow the bar to drain and dry out underneath.


Ingredients: 100% Saponified Bulgarian Rosewater, Australian olive oil, castor oil, certified organic shea butter, rosehip oil, Australian jojoba oil, certified organic cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, French pink clay, Australian pastel pink clay, kaolin clay, dried rose petals, pure essential oils of patchouli (light), rose geranium + mandarin, English rose fragrant oil