We LOVE Christmas and we love helping you with your Christmas Shopping! Please take note of the information provided by our carriers for the best chance at having your goodies arrive on time for the giving season.

Recommended Lodgement dates for parcels within Australia:

Standard postage: Monday 18th December

Express postage: Thursday 21st December

Please note that while these are the cut off dates are provided by Australia Post*, we must also allow processing time including getting it to the post office by these dates for best chance of delivery.

We will work as fast as we can to keep up with orders and we will do our best to get orders out on the same day if placed on these dates, however, we will not be held responsible if parcels miss the cut off times if the order was placed on the same day. THE BEST advice is to have your order in as early as possible for guaranteed delivery! 😘

*Australia Post has advised the above dates based on the fact that we use over the counter facilities and require one extra day to city areas to get our parcels to a sorting facility.