Manuka Honey & Vanilla Body Butter
Manuka Honey & Vanilla Body Butter

Manuka Honey & Vanilla Body Butter

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✔️ Natural

✔️ Handcrafted 

✔️ Australian made + owned

✔️ Packed with antioxidants + nourishing ingredients

✔️ Rich + intense moisturising

✔️ Perfect for daily use!

Our body butter is the kind of thing you reach for when you have an ‘uh oh, it’s winter and my skin is really dry already’ moment. Luckily, body butter has your back! (and your legs, arms, hands, feet, knees, elbows and butt 😉). Pro tip: This is a thick af formula so make sure you’re committed to having oily hands when you apply it 😅

Added bonus + fun fact: Bonus, Manuka honey has wonderful healing properties when applied topically, it is also antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial. When we add this to our body butter, we do it riiiight at the end so none of the goodness is tainted during the hot processing phase. Also, fun fact, vanillin (the active component of vanilla) changes the colour of our body butter over time (usually would turn over the course approximately 6 - 8 weeks). So if your Manuka Honey and Vanilla body butter is a caramelly colour, it’s just the vanillin - it’s still fresh and safe to use 😃

If you want some more info on the ingredients scroll down! But the things you NEED to know: Choose Cruelty Free Certified, smells delicious, and Family Safe!!

How to use? Hot tip; body butter is thicccck so it will absorb better if you’re hot 🔥 (so you shouldn’t have any trouble 😏, but what I mean is; if you skin is warm…). Otherwise, just follow a standard body moisturising procedure 🤷🏼‍♀️ before bed, slather onto your body as you see fit and massage in! 

Ingredients: Water, locally grown (and pressed) olive oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, emulsifying wax (veg.), cetyl alcohol, stearic acid (veg.), glycerine, vitamin E, sodium hydroxymethglycinate, xanthum gum, pure Manuka honey, fragrance blend (vanilla)