Natural Handmade Shaving Cream for Men
Natural Handmade Shaving Cream for Men

Shave Cream

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Pureheaven’s Shaving Cream is perfectly formulated for a close, smooth shave. Enriched with avocado oil for deep conditioning while you shave and goat’s milk to make it suitable for sensitive skin types! Our Shaving Cream was made for you.
Fun fact: Bentonite clay works to gently exfoliate while you shave.
100g | Choose Cruelty Free Certified | Family Safe*

How to Use

To achieve best results; dampen the face before applying Shaving Cream with your hands or a brush. Shave as normal, follow with our Calm Balm After Shave Lotion. 

Pureheaven always recommends conducting a patch test.


Stephenson's OPC base, avocado oil, bentonite clay, vanilla fragrant oil, pure essential oil of sandalwood