Goodness Me! Facial Oil

Goodness Me! Facial Oil

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Pureheaven's Goodness Me! Facial oil is a perfectly balanced blend ideal for daily use. Full of goodness in the form of jojoba oil, wild peach extract and lime essential oil. Made with you in mind, Goodness Me! is ideal for moisturising, nourishing and balancing your skin. 

Added bonus: Jojoba oil and lime essential oil are ideal for maintain balance while macadamia oil, rose absolute and wild peach extract work to nourish and hydrate.

Pregnancy Safe*

To achieve best results; apply to face and neck following cleansing and toning morning and/or night, allow to soak in for a few minutes before applying make up. Apply with warm hands to help the absorption of active ingredients.


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* Pregnancy safe: Pregnancy safe products are considered safe for use during pregnancy but are not recommended for use on children under the age of 2 years based on recommended dosage for essential oils and base ingredients. However, Pureheaven always recommends conducting a patch test.