Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub
Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub

Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub

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Pureheaven’s Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub is the perfect addition to your weekly routine to achieve soft, smooth and supple skin. As with all Pureheaven body scrubs, it is packed with a delicious blend of sweet almond and olive oils and shea butter. Formulated especially for you, Chai, Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub is perfect for stimulating and polishing your skin from top to toe!
Added bonus: Chai seeds and coffee grounds work to rejuvenate and polish the skin while vanilla  and cinnamon fragrance adds that hint of luxury.
250g | Choose Cruelty Free Certified | Vegan Australia Certified 

How to Use 

To achieve the best result; stir the contents of the jar before gently massaging and scrubbing over your body. Let it sit for 5 minutes to allow the oils time to work their magic, then rinse off and pat dry. Follow with light moisturiser (like a body lotion) if desired.
Pureheaven always recommends conducting a patch test.


Salt, raw sugar, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, ground coffee, chia seeds and cinnamon, vanilla fragrant oil